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ProMark Associates is a proven innovator of clean air solutions designed to maximize the return on customer investment. Through advanced engineering and development, ProMark delivers highly functional technology that removes and destroys airborne contaminants while lowering energy costs. The award-winning Total Spectrum® system integrates traditional air cleaning technology with ProMark’s proprietary Dynamic Chemistry™, resulting in the greenest, most cost-effective solution in the market.

Since 1988, ProMark's reputation has been built on superior expertise and service tailored to meet our customers' unique needs.

ProMark's distinctive service includes:

An initial consultation to determine your air quality challenges and how best to address them in the most thorough yet cost-effective way;
Customized engineering design that addresses your unique needs and constraints;
Continual and rigorous analysis, from concept to manufacturing to installation, to ensure your equipment meets our exacting specifications;
Exemplary customer support every step of the way-from installation and training to ongoing evaluation of equipment effectiveness and additional air quality issues.

Whether yours is an institution or commercial facility in need of odor control, corrosion control, toxic gas removal, or elimination of airborne pollutants, ProMark can create a safe, sustainable and energy-efficient solution to your indoor air quality challenges.

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